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DANIELSSON Logistics offers

The optimal service for all sizes of consignments. From a single package through general cargo to full loads you will always find the appropriate offer.

International and domestic
transport and forwarding

International and domestic transport and forwarding

  • International transport of general cargo and full loads throughout Europe and the Middle East.
  • National transport of general cargo and full load shipments.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods according to ADR.
  • We specialize in transportation from / to EU countries.
  • Transportation services as part of comprehensive logistics solutions: distribution throughout the Czech Republic, consolidation of shipments from the Czech Republic for export shipments.
  • Express shipments.
  • Transport of passengers.
  • Monitoring of goods from loading to unloading.
  • High quality fleet of contracted carriers. Network of contracted transport and forwarding companies.
  • All vehicles have nonstop mobile connections and are mostly equipped with basic ADR equipment and technically meet the highest European standards.
  • Semi-trailer rigs and trailers with an internal loading height of up to 3.03 m.
  • Transportation of goods is insured against damage.
Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo

  • Provision of oversized cargo.
  • Provision of permits and technical accompaniment.
  • Identification of the optimal route.
Air transport

Air transport

We can provide you with air transportation in cooperation with major carriers:

  • Transportation of consignments to customs airports all over the world.
  • Express shipments to selected destinations.
  • Cooperation with partners at Frankfurt and Vienna airports
  • Shipment insurance.
  • Transport of items to / from the airport.

Sea freight shipping

Full Container transport

  • Collection of containers from container terminals in the Czech Republic or at port.
  • Delivery of containers for loading at the company.
  • Transport of containers to port of shipment.
  • Boarding and sea transport to the port of discharge or destination..
  • Standard and special types of containers.

Marine general cargo shipments

  • Collection from the customer’s premises.
  • Transport collection truck at the port of loading.


Consultation on issues related to international transport, i.e.: supply conditions, customs services, insurance of transported items etc.